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Himalayacalamus cupreus

culm sheath margins with copper cilia culm nodes with thick sheath base leaf sheath
coppery-orange sheath cilia central branch dominant erect culm sheath blade with no auricles or oral setae leaf sheath ligule tomentose long culm sheath blades basal internodes striped bright green foliage
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clump basal culm sheath striped culm sheath apex mucus on new shoot extravaginal branching
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See description in Kew's GrassBase - The Online World Grass Flora

Himalayacalamus cupreus Stapleton, Edinburgh J. Bot. 51(3): 314. 1994.

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Rhizome neck 4-6 cm. Culms 2-8 m, 0.5-3 cm in diam.; internodes 12-40 cm, cylindrical, glabrous, initially slightly white-waxy, very smooth, initially dark green, basal internodes striped purple and others purple-streaked above node; wall 0.5-3 mm thick; nodes slightly raised; sheath scar thick, white; branches 7-20, central dominant. Culm sheaths deciduous, tough, shorter than internodes, light brown with purple-brown streaks and stripes, glabrous, initially with dense mucus, apically rounded; margins with dense copper-red cilia; auricles absent; oral setae absent; ligule broad, 0.5-1 mm tall, serrate; blade linear-lanceolate, tall, erect, persistent. Leaves 2-6 per ultimate branch; sheaths distally and veins red-purple where exposed, glabrous, external margin distally white-ciliate; auricles absent; oral setae absent; ligule ca. 1.5 mm, rounded, tomentose; external ligule shortly cilate; blade broadly linear-lanceolate, delicate, matt bright green at first, 4-20 0.5-2.5 cm, glabrous, base rounded to cuneate, secondary veins 3-5-paired, transverse veins usually not visible.

Name from Latin cupreus ‘coppery’ referring to the culm sheath cilia.

This bamboo from W Nepal differs from H. falconeri in its erect culm sheath blades, the prominence of the copper-coloured culm sheath cilia, and in its longer culm internodes and culm sheaths.






see origin in Google Earth Himalayacalamus cupreus was introduced into the UK by Merlyn Edwards in 1994 from the Modhi Khola valley in the Annapurna area of W Nepal, where it is harvested for weaving mats and baskets, and for its delicious edible shoots.

[asper] [cupreus] [hookerianus] [planatus] [porcatus]