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helicon  Common genera: quick recognition by photos


 Growth habit







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Spreading with spaced upright culms

2 (-3) asymmetrical  branches of different sizes

Flowers with many bracts





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Clumping, often large

Even branching with 3 main branches

Auricles (ears) may be large




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Dense upright clumps

1  large or 3 erect branches

Smooth culms




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Tight clumps

7 or more similar branches on smooth culms

Small dense inflorescences




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Spreading and dense

Large single branches

Winter leaf edge death




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Spreading, often small with striped leaves

Single branches

Persistent sheaths rot on culm




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Spreading and in tight clumps, erect

3 or more branches

Very smooth culms




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Large leaves

Long single branches

Thick soft scurf below nodes




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Large culms, often striped, no low branches

Large central branch, big leaves

First spikelets large




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Tight clumps with coloured nodes

Central branch larger

Early branching through the sheath




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Spreading with spaced culms

3 similar branches

Nodes swollen or thorny




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Small slowly spreading domes

4 similar branches

Single leaves




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Spreading and dense

Many tight branches

Culms often scabrous below nodes




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Dense clumps of very large furry culms

Basal dormant central branch, aerial roots

Spherical inflorescences




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Clumping blue-grey culms

Culms with fine vertical lines

A deciduous species in winter




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Dense narrow culms

Culm sheath interior hairy at top

Many small branches, and falcate flowers

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