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Summer Flowers of La Plagne

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Summer Flowers of La Plagne

Summer Flowers of La Plagne
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High in the French Alps, between the Tarentaise Valley and the heights of the central Vanoise Massif, is a remarkable series of high altitude bowls and mountain slopes with a very rich flora. Better known as the location of busy ski resorts in the winter, in the summer months the area returns to peaceful alpine pasture, meadows, and forest paths. The geology is highly complex, and that results in a wide range of soils and habitats, in which a delightful but bewildering array of wild flowers have made their homes.

   Far from the madding crowds packing seaside towns and beaches, in summer this area is a blissful haven for the flowers of La Plagne and for lovers of wild flowers. In fact just the right place to kindle appreciation of the mountains, the natural world and the amazing alpine flora in the younger generation. So here is a little guide to help anyone and everyone, of all ages, to discover which beautiful flowering plants adorn these hillsides. Photos were all taken in the La Plagne area, but these flowers are common from the Trois Vallées to Val d’Isère, and through much of Savoire and Haute Savoire.

   Download the pdf of Summer Flowers of La Plagne onto whatever device you use, and explore the photos and simple concise text, navigating by colour flower icons to identify any of 117 flowers, and find out a little more about them all. Zoom in on the high res close up photos to see them in more detail.

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