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Books useful for identification

A wide range of books on the cultivation of bamboos is now available. The selection presented below are up to date, and the identification of the species they cover is satisfactory. Unfortunately this was not always the case, especially in older books written before the 1990s that have been reprinted.

These books cover all the widely cultivated species, varieties, and cultivars of horticultural importance. They can tell you how to plant, grow and care for bamboos, and the information in them complements the more technical botanical details in flora accounts and on this website. Books also have a lovely solid feel and smell that information on the internet can never provide, and most of them describe personal journeys through the author’s discovery and cultivation of bamboos with charm and infectious enthusiasm.


Pocket Guide to Bamboos sm Pocket Guide to Bamboos

  Ted Jordan Meredith (2009). Timber Press

   Updated descriptions from Bamboo for Gardens, covering more than 300 bamboos in the US


Ornamental Bamboos sm Ornamental Bamboos

  David Crompton (2006). Timber Press

   Introduction to temperate bamboos with descriptions of species in the UK


dragon Hardy Bamboos: Taming the Dragon

  Paul Whittaker (2005). Timber Press

   Introduction to temperate bamboos with descriptions of species in the UK


bamboos_for_gardens_small Bamboo for Gardens

  Ted Jordan Meredith (2001). Timber Press

   Comprehensive background with descriptions of most bamboos in the US


bell02 The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboo

  Michael Bell (2000). Timber Press

  Introduction to cultivation with descriptions of bamboos in the UK


bamboo world Bamboo World

  Victor Cusack & Deirdre Stewart (2000). Simon & Schuster (Australia)

   Bamboos in Australia


Bamboos_Recht Bamboos

  Christine Recht, Max F. Wetterwald (1992). Timber Press

   Bamboos in Europe


american_bamboos  American Bamboos

  Emmet J. Judziewicz, et al. (1999). Smithsonian Books, US

   Technical account of bamboos native to the American Continents


bamboo_world_clumping Bamboo World: Clumping Bamboos & How to Use Them

  Victor Cusak & Deidre Stewart (1999). Kangaroo Press

   Cultivation of tropical bamboos in Australia



bamboos_of_bhutan Bamboos of Bhutan

  Chris Stapleton (1994). Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

  Field guide to species in Bhutan

  Updated and published online 2018


bamboos_of_nepal Bamboos of Nepal

  Chris Stapleton (1994). Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

   Field guide to species in Nepal  PDF


ohrnberger02 The Bamboos of the World: Annotated Nomenclature and Literature

 of the Species and the Higher and Lower Taxa

   Dieter Ohrnberger (1999). Elsevier

    A very thorough reference work, but only of names and synonymy (no descriptions)




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